A bottle of Taittinger champagne presented by a waiter with green palm fronds in the ice bucket.Bula,

We take you on a cruise over turquoise waters and coral reefs to a secluded tropical beach.

We specialise in providing your romantic island picnic with a private setting for you and your loved one to enjoy a gourmet picnic (complete with champagne).

Our crew will set up the picnic for you and then leave you to enjoy it in the perfect tropical setting.  Take walks along the beach, relax in the sun and go snorkelling in the pristine Fijian waters.

During the picnic, you might come across friendly locals, like the turtles or tropical birds, that enhance the enchanting atmosphere. The perfect backdrop of swaying palm trees, tropical flora, and the soothing sound of nature completes the romantic setting.

This excursion is perfect for the honeymoon couples to create some extra special memories from their vacation.

Your romantic island picnic in fiji is not only about the breathtaking scenery but also about the tranquility it brings to your souls. It’s a chance to escape the world and create unforgettable memories that will forever hold a special place in your hearts.

Don’t delay, email me now to check availability.

Moce Mada